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Pago Pago
Feels like 69°.
Humidity: 100% Dew Point: 67°
Clouds: 19% Pressure: 29.98 in
Wind: E 23 mph Visability: 0 mi Conditions as of 9:24pm.
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77 66
Breezy throughout the day and light rain overnight.
31%   38%
6:43   6:07
76 66
Breezy throughout the day and light rain until afternoon.
31%   42%
6:43   6:07
75 65
Humid and partly cloudy throughout the day.
2%   43%
6:42   6:08
  • High Surf Advisory
    Updated: Thu Jul-20-17 02:07pm SST
    Effective: Thu Jul-20-17 02:07pm SST
    Expires: Fri Jul-21-17 02:15am SST
    Severity: Minor
    Urgency: Expected
    Certainty: Likely
    Status: Actual
    Type: Alert
    Category: Met
    Areas affected: Manua; Swains Island; Tutuila and Aunuu
    Instructions: A high surf advisory indicates large breaking waves will affect beaches in the advisory area...producing dangerous rip currents and localized beach erosion. Also...it is extremely dangerous to fish or observe waves from rocks during high surf conditions. Unwary beach walkers can be caught off guard as waves suddenly race farther up the beach than normal.
    Message Summary: ...high surf advisory remains in effect until monday night...
    * surf...surfs of 9 to 12 feet will persist through the south and east facing shores of all islands. These surfs are caused by strong tradewinds.
    * timing...until monday night.
    * impacts...high surfs and strong rip currents. Fautuaga mo savili malolosi ofisa o le tau pago pago as 207 aoauli aso tofi iulai 20 2017
    ...o loo faaauau fautuaga mo galu maualuluga seia oo i le po o le aso gafua...
    * galu...o galu e 9 i le 12 futu le maualuluga o le a aafia ai pea talafatai i saute ma sasa`e o le atunu`u. O nei galu ua mafua mai i le malolosi o savili.
    * taimi...seia oo i le po o le aso gafua.
    * aafiaga...galu maualuluga ma le aave o le sami. Fautuaga/tapenaga...
    O fautuaga mo galu maualuluga e faailoa mai ai le malolosi ma le tetele o galu o le a aafia ai gataifale ma matafaga. O le a malolosi foi le aave o le sami ma e ono solo ai nisi vaega o le matafaga. Ona o le siisii o peau o le sami...e fautuaina ai le mamalu lautele ma le au fai faiva ina ia faautagia mai lenei fautuaga.

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