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WVUV-FM, also known as "V103", carries on the tradition of American Samoa's original radio station, WVUV-AM, which went on-air in 1942.  V103 features Polynesian and Samoan music, plus local news broadcasts in English and Samoan. 

No matter where you are, 
you can listen to V103 live.  Just click the "Listen Live" link at left and crank it up...
 Monica & LJ

August 30:  Monica Miller & LJ Solo broadcasting the government's inaugural Labor Day celebrations at Veterans Memorial Stadium.

  Labor Day
August 30:  Government departments and businesses from across the island participating in the government celebrations for Labor Day at the stadium.

DOH IMmunization

August 21:  Yolanda Masunu of the Dept of Health's Immunization Program visits Tracie and Alu on V103 to promote the HPV vaccination outreach in American Samoa's elementary schools.

 Starkist Anniversary

August 17:  StarKist Samoa's 50th Anniversary celebration at Veteran's Stadium was broadcast live thanks to the sponsorship of the Dept. of Commerce.  Monica, LJ and Manatualeatua Uli (Tua the Intern) covered the event from the press box. 

August 14:  Cub Scout Den #258 appears live on V103 to salute Starkist Samoa's 50th anniversary.

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